1. tito

    hillary clinton looks awful.

  2. JC

    Upon hearing the news, Berliners began voluntarily rebuilding the wall.

  3. EricLR

    NASA had to design the fabric of those pants to withstand pressures that would shatter a diamond.

  4. o'chunt

    Very soon now her thighs will be bigger than her ass. And it’s going to look soooo weird.

  5. joan rivers is looking great!

  6. Sulianto


  7. It was Bills first day as a paparazzi. He was determined to make it big in the business, and he knew what his hook was going to be. He would be the one…hell, the only paparazzi to specialize in recording celebrity farts.

    Now the waiting begins.

  8. coljack

    We’re gonna need a bigger dildo.

  9. The real entertainment begins when we watch Madonna try and pick herself up after falling of those two inch heels in tight leather pants.

  10. Hugh G. Rection

    So hot….

    thirty years ago.

  11. the worst part of going to your grandma’s house…..hard candy.

  12. Dox

    Homo Sapiens Siliconius:

    For the low, low price of your exchanging all your flesh for barely mobile plastic… you too can never age.

    Sort of.

  13. alex

    In a rare photograph, Madonna’s flatulence is exposed. (You can see her skirt is blown up from the expulsion of gas)

  14. The original Try Hardâ„¢.

  15. Now that she has a health club, she can finally work on those arms.

  16. meeps!

    That’s the second biggest suppository she’s had up there… Today.

  17. ronaldo

    So sad

  18. Madonna seen here recording a new album.

  19. I’m 53, I’d fuck that very hard.

  20. The icy Medusa-like glare penetrated through the camera lens and its owner could feel himself irrevocably turning to stone…

  21. journalschism

    “What if at a key moment in the game my, my age-inappropriate leather pants burst open and, uh, oops, my middle-aged aged ass comes flying out?”

  22. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    She’s in Berlin 70 years too late. That sight could’ve stopped the Nazis dead in their tracks.

  23. LA Juice

    Jocelyn Wildenstein looks good!

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