1. tito

    when did lamar odom become a photographer?

  2. Another one shot from behind. How the hell are supposed to tell which one is which?

  3. Did she eat the little one? What am I saying, of course she did.

  4. I'mCool

    Those aren’t real paps. The Ks offer a deal where for $500 you can take pictures of them walking back and forth. So far only black guys have responded. (If they look excited now, wait until the Ks turn their backsides to them.)

  5. Little Tongue

    If these two came out of the same vagina, they clearly weren’t conceived with the help of the same set of testicles.

  6. Hugh G. Rection

    It must really suck to have to call a plumber every time you take a dump.

  7. Dude. It’s like a wall of ASS. haha

  8. At yet, they’re supposedly the same species.

  9. Her proportions are normal, but Jesus fuck is she ever a moose.

  10. Kourtney, of the genus Kardashianus Famewhoreidon, is considered a rare mutation of the breed. Biologists point to the relative normality of her proportions as well as her sexual interest in white men as proof of her dissimilarity to the functional norm of the species.

    It was initially assumed that the Kourtney was a new species entirely, but her displayed willingness to do or say anything (with no hint of irony, decency or self-awareness) in order to attract/maintain attention from the mouth-breathing sect of the populace precluded this assumption.

  11. “One of these things is not like the other…”

  12. Whoopie cushions be afraid, be very afraid!

  13. Dox

    Oh look, a herd of Fame Whores grazes in the concrete jungle. The paparazzi better be careful, they have been known to randomly charge and devour photographers when food sources are low.

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