1. Still would. Not twice a day, though. A man’s gotta sleep sometime.

  2. crb

    Amanda Bynes out of rehab?

  3. I remember her being in Playboy in 1980 and waiting eagerly for my parents to not be home so I could sneak into my dads stash of skin mags and have a look. when the day finally came, I opened the magazine with trembling fingers, turned to the centerfold on the first try…and thought “I didn’t know nipples could be that big”.

  4. Summer’s lease hath all too short a date – Shakespeare

    Not in this case though.

  5. Hugh G. Rection

    66 year old jugs. Num num.

  6. HOO. HAAA. SHIT. AUUUGHGGH. Sorry, no funny quip, just scared.

  7. All women who have plastic surgery on their face look exactly alike to me.

  8. Well, I’ll give Lady Gaga this, she knows that the big distracting thing is supposed to go *over* the face.

  9. tito

    “come and knock on my door….take a step that is new….no, seriously, i’m in room 206″

  10. Heywood Jablomie

    BS Thats the Arby’s Brisket guy in drag.

  11. Suzanne, fer fuck sake, pull up your straps and go back to the nunnery.

  12. You Suck

    See Hulkster! Told ya all the sauce will cause gyno. You like like man/woman.

  13. Dox

    On the one hand, I applaud her for at least looking like a human at or around her age. On the other hand… she just killed my 20′s.

    Think Ill go cry.

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