1. This is like trophy wife Tai-Chi.

  2. yumm

    I thought that’s Ireland Baldwin’s legs

  3. “If I pose like this long enough, some billionaire is sure to come along and ask me out”

  4. crb

    “Okay, ladies and gents! Keep your eyes on the water bottle. Momma’s gonna power-queef that li’l fu**er right into the next timezone. Uhhh… -GNNnnnnnnnnnGhh!”

  5. Kel

    Oh great…now we’re all gonna know what Leann Rimes looks like doing naked yoga.

  6. I see she decided to keep her tampon string under wraps this time.

  7. That is how everyone hails a cab in Beverly Hills.

  8. Dox

    And this movement we call…. releasing the tuna.

  9. Remember when you made that fishface as a kid by sucking your cheeks past your back teeth that your mom warned you about ‘staying that way’?

  10. It’s always a good idea to stretch before Gerard’s visits.

  11. tlmck

    1. Falls backward and hits head on rock.
    2. Is never heard from again.
    3. World peace is achieved.

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