1. joe

    Sure that’s not at a wax museum?

  2. “Mr. Newton, who blew up the meth lab and caused your face to look that way?”

  3. Inner Retard

    The man. The legend. But with horizontal arrows.

  4. donkeylicks

    Everything that I thought I knew about fantasy Island has been a lie!

  5. “This guy.. Ha ha! heh, I’m TERRIFIED of this guy.”

  6. Eejut

    So Walter White is in hell?

  7. “check out THIS guy, with his ‘normal human’ coloring!”

  8. Cock Dr

    It’s not just rich old women and insecure starlets doing that crazy plastic surgery shit. This insanity pervades the entertainment industry.

  9. Which guy DIDN’T fall asleep in a tanning bed for 18 hours?

  10. Paully Boston Baby!

    That is the tallest Oomp-Loompa I’ve ever seen! Must be thier king.

  11. The Pope

    “Ha ha! His wrinkles make him look silly!”

  12. I’ll be honest – I thought Wayne Newton died years ago.

  13. This guy, this guy is going to loan me some money.

  14. when walter white needs to get his dirty work done he calls pumpkinhead.

  15. Mr Newtons take on the glue sniffing scene from Airplane!

  16. While socializing and otherwise hobnobbing in Beverly Hills with the rich and elite, Bryan Cranston had the foresight to bring, and to show off, his life-sized Bozo the Clown Action Figure.

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