1. Is that 50 Cent’s manhood she’s wearing around her neck?

  2. This is totally doing it for me.

  3. She looked semi-decent to me until I realized who it was.

  4. “OK, people! Who wants a venereal disease!?”

  5. EricLR

    She upset Snooki for the “Biggest Jersey Skank Ever” award.

  6. “Okay, Ms. Handler, very nice. And for this next photo, could you TRY to stand like a woman might stand?”

  7. crb

    She’s more alpha-male than 1/2 the pickup artists I know.

    • I'mCool

      Yeah, and it confuses me. On the one hand I like to think I’m a progressive guy who isn’t threatened and is totally cool with women being however outgoing and “in charge” as they want to be. And on the other hand, I can’t stand the bitch.

  8. She is the finest example of how far being a talent-deficient, objectionable cunt with an apparently magic vagina can take you.

  9. Brought It

    Hellooooooo Botox.

  10. What the fuck happened to Kylie Minogue?!

  11. Dox

    Apparently the herpes treatment is going well, otherwise I don’t think she would be smiling.

  12. Michael

    How much does she pay the team that air brushes her wrinkles away, every time I see one of these “random” pics of this toilet face. In person, her skin looks like crust.

  13. Conan O’Brien is a brave, brave man.

  14. Someone forgot to tell her Laura Croft has already been cast.

  15. Jenn

    She’s wearing a dick necklace. Gaga will be pissed she didn’t think of having her extra bits turned into jewelry.

  16. She looks really good. Colour me surprised.

  17. Napoleon Bonaparte

    WADS 2 starring Chelsea Handler

  18. LA Juice

    50 is the new black. Or should I say “Fiddy”?

  19. Ugh no one wants to even see you semi-naked.

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