1. Pickle Nose

    Really, the caption for this photo should simply be”The Royal Turd Cutter”

  2. She bounced back nicely.

  3. “I did not know sword fighting is not just something done in gay relationships. Thank you for that bit of knowledge my little lesbian midget.”

  4. Captain Obvious

    The Middletons have much nicer asses than the Kardashians.

  5. “Yes your Milfness, right away.”

  6. It’s sad when some women bounce back immediately from pregnancy and others just go downhill after one kid.

  7. This is a set-up shot. Everyone knows there are no Negroes in London.

  8. cc


  9. spikedtounge

    Well, as you can tell by my skinny jeans and wedges, I’m fully ready to participate in your sports thingy!

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