1. JT

    Not even with your d**k

  2. All I see is Mr. T halfway through his sex change and no one can convince me otherwise…

  3. Inner Retard

    Like looking into a mirror when I see her picture.

  4. This is one argument that my penis is going to lose.

  5. nemo

    stupid hoe

  6. EricLR

    “Mom, dad, meet my new girlfriend!” said the world’s worst son.

  7. limeseeds

    God help me, I still would. And if that is her cumface, so be it.

  8. This woman is a living clown.

  9. The Attentianus Whoriblis is the most insidious of the vampires. The only way to defeat the creature is to not give it the attention it feeds from. It cares not whether you adore, or loathe…only that you look and look again. and maybe unzip your fly.

  10. Deacon Jones

    Now you just have to carve up that big schnoze of yours and the transformation will be complete.

    Suck it, Lil Kim

  11. I will be hated for this, and I will deserve it, but I would absolutely fuck her. Fake or not her tits are awesome and she seems just fucked in the head enough to be incredible in bed. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t give her my real name or phone number, but a theoretical scenario in which I am banging her with no further interaction or attachment would be a go.

    Further understand that I say this knowing full well that the only way she would ever have sex with a person such as myself would be as her punishment for smuggling meth in Iran.

  12. i’d eat that ass…yes i would.

  13. Goddamnit, now I’ve got to go bleach my eyes.

  14. coljack

    The rare leopard starfish can be lured from the deep only by the presence of their primary source of food: massive deposits of silicone.

  15. brian

    Why does she always do that stupid snarl pose?

  16. Dox

    Sex with Nikki Rules:
    1) You are not allowed to speak. Ever. Under any circumstances. I don’t care if my ass is on fire, and aliens are about to probe it. Your lips serve one purpose, and it isn’t for speaking.

    2) You are not allowed to make eye contact. Ever. Under any circumstances. Ever. Stare at the wall, count sheep… I don’t care.

    3) At various points I may break into crying fits. You will not attempt to comfort me. You will merely smack me with your breasts. Any other response is unacceptable.

    4) We will never speak of this to other people. I have a reputation to uphold. The homeless people in Las Vegas would never speak to me again, if they found out I had sex with you.

    This list may be added to or revised at any time. Punishment for breaking the rules is immediate tazing, and/or Pepper Spray to the eyes.

  17. Echo5

    My level of sexual interest corresponds to the amount of crazy and aggression the woman radiates, so I’ll make my peace with Yoda and take my chances.

  18. KC

    This is the same face everyone else makes when looking at Nicki Minaj.

  19. I fucking love this woman. Sexy as hell. Sure, she’s mostly made of plastic, but damn that surgeon did a great job.

  20. everyone who commented would fuck her. just sayin, dawgs

  21. I’d fuck her in a heart beat. Fake or not she has great tits.

  22. tlmck

    As Sheldon of “The Big Bang Theory” would say: “I do not understand”.

  23. spikedtounge

    She looks like someone just yanked off her pussy pastie!

  24. LA Juice

    Poor Minaj. Unless and until Diana Ross bobbles her left tittay on the Grammy red carpet, she will never figure out that “Derivative” is not a compliment.

    “Derivative Tripe”: it’s not for Lady Gaga and Wall Street anymore…

  25. Shaking My Head

    This is why condoms and paper bags exist.

  26. Stop showing us pictures of your mom. Gross.

  27. Just_As_it_IS

    Imagine coming downstairs in the middle of the night for a glass of milk and running into this in the kitchen…

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