1. “I ATE A BABY!”

  2. “Well, I am off to stake a dump. Chow.”

  3. Ok its “ciao,” but then I read it and it made me think of her eating a hoagie while dropping a deuce so it works in a sense.

  4. You never… NEVER go full retard!!

  5. Not seen in the photo; short bus to the right.

  6. YAAR

    Nice disguise, Marilyn Manson…but I know it’s you.

  7. Deacon Jones

    Andy Dick is really letting himself go

  8. Is she pregnant, or just really fucking gross?

    Hah, I know…potato potato

  9. Discount Double-Check.

  10. Troll's Nighmare

    Though it was Miley Cyrus. But that’s still a few years away. But she’s on course.

  11. Boy, growing her hair out really makes her look fatter.

  12. Primitivefix06

    “So, get your knees flexin’, and your arms T-rexin’! And creep! Ahh, do the creep!”

  13. cc

    The latest in maternity wear…a body stocking and Corey Haim’s old vest.

  14. Boy that ass is never gonna’ be right again. Hahahahahaaaaaaaah haaah! I kill me.

  15. You know the va-jay-jay must be dangerously loose when she has to tie a knot in her dress in case the baby slips out/realizes it must escape this trainwreck.

  16. Not ANOTHER picture of Kesley Grammar carrying his baby!?!

  17. Pine Table Fever


  18. What the hell happened to Dee Snider?! He is NOT the same since Twisted Sister broke up.

  19. Nicole p

    This is Justin Beiber’s vest.

  20. Oh, she didn’t stop bleaching but she’s growing it into an Albino Hitler combover. That’ll help.

  21. Joaquin ingles

    Yergross needs to photoshop this. So many possibilities.

  22. Max Ipad

    Call me a traditionalist, but the modern maternal Herp-Derp call-and-response bonding method just doesn’t have the same organic feel as the tradition Marco-Polo succession.

  23. What’s up with the knot on the bottom of that dress?

  24. tlmck

    Hello CPS?

  25. LLBL

    She is a cluster fuck of a train wreck.

  26. squishy

    Is that knot to make sure it doesn’t escape?! Poor kid!!

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