1. “I ATE A…”

    Oh, hello.

  2. Sometimes fashion simply works.

  3. cc

    She always looks a bit daunted.

  4. Happy_Evil_Dude

    “Make sure to always show tits” thankfully seems to be her mantra

  5. She’s so boring even our comments are boring.

    • Troll's Nighmare

      Maybe because everyone’s busy imagining what she has on under that coat. My best guess is net corset with black leather thigh high boots.

      • No. She’s just fucking boring. Nothing stands out about her. Leighton Meester on the other hand…

      • Troll's Nighmare

        She’s boring you’re right. But I’d want to fuck her not talk to her. The only talking we’d be doing were either me saying Yes, Mistress! or her Stick that dick in my ass!… I’m a romantic, I know.

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