1. Props for looking like a House Wife of Atlanta!

  2. This is from the carnival out front. If you can get a baseball in you win a stuffed Spongebob.

    • I’m not quite sure what we’re supposed to be throwing a baseball in. I see at least two things in the picture, and this is just above her waist.

  3. I wonder what it’s like to know that you are, in fact, the original MILF.

  4. missloopy

    i love her. i don’t even care.

  5. JK

    Looks like she still has a little sherminator on her back teeth.

  6. Hoochie Ma, chicken head.

  7. The only American Pie cast member still looking the exact same she did back then. Also yes, I totally would, what were you thinking.

  8. Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

    Not sure why I like her but I do. You know how I know that?

    I don’t want to push her off a cliff.

  9. Max Ipad

    Once again, Fed Ex has managed to squeeze much more efficiency out of their deliveries. Who’s got time for the “Bend and Snap”?

  10. I fucking love this woman.

  11. Anderson Pooper

    …just realizing why she was invited to Milk Studios.

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