1. “The glasses? Thanks for noticing. Yeah, we got the idea from the NBA. Apparently it makes us seem relevant, and god knows, we could use all the help we can get.”

  2. fred

    . . . and that’s my thesis on the applicability of Janis Joplin’s music in a post-modern world.

    Okay, now show em your tits honey.

  3. I love Janis Joplin. I hate Jenny McCarthy.

  4. “Why yes! We’re both very intelligenced. Just look at our glasses. Janis who?”

  5. “See, Donnie is stupid cuz of the vaccines”

  6. Inner Retard

    Looks like Donnie is starting to realize what that anonymous letter meant by bat-shit-crazy.

  7. Somebody’s been to Warby Parker!

  8. “Yeah, so ever since Jenny got me started on scalding hot green tea enemas, I hardly have to wear these glasses.”

  9. Bob

    He’s got the same look Jim Carrey had when he realized it was time to get the fuck out. PUNCH OUT, DONNIE! PUNCH OUT NOW!!!

  10. “…and once he told me he’d never been vaccinated AND was retarded, I knew we were meant to be together”

  11. Josephus

    I dunno, I actually think she’s pretty.

  12. couple’a dumb fucks. feh.

  13. if we put a cone on her head, and take her to the vet, will he spay her?

  14. Little Tongue

    “Yes, Mr Carey’s smell still lingers on, but I found some great nostril plugs at Walmart. You’d never think that anything made in China would work so good.”

  15. What’s Eric Clapton doing there?

  16. Wear all the glasses you want, still won’t make you an intellectual.

  17. Hey Jenny let’s be shoah to weah ah fackin smaht people glasses in case the cawksuckin reportahs is theyah.

  18. jep

    Hey, at least she doesn’t have one of those ridiculous electric cigarettes crammed in her mouth like a metal dick… yet.

  19. Dox

    “Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world? Jenny… Speak!”

  20. ‘Hey Jenny, did you know there’s a vaccination that will fix your eyesight – think of it, no more glasses!. Interested?’

    ‘…maybe. Why is it shaped like a lump hammer?’

  21. “Yeah, Jim Carrey used her pussy before I did, but I just go in past the used part and we’re both satisfied.”

  22. Hate Mongrel

    Does he go by the name Donnie Don.

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