1. JC

    The backseat of the cab is the cleanest thing in this picture.

    • crb


      Even a rosary tattoo isn’t going to help that skank.

      She could swallow a set, pull it out her a** 3 days later, right before douching with holy water from the Vatican cafeteria, and she’d still be dirtier than a Hell’s Kitchen trash can bouncing off the skull of a homeless crackhead.

  2. I wonder if they have any normal clothing or if they just wake up each morning and put on a different two-piece whore outfit?

  3. Not shown: Corey Feldman just out of frame saying “Let’s GO already!”

  4. It’s like a clown car, but for whores.

  5. Dear US,

    Just keep them over there



  6. Even they are too trashy for Corey Feldman.

  7. I think they are suppose to be angels,but they come across as strippers with dead pigeons stapled to their backs.

  8. Howe? And Howe.

    OK, I’ll never do it again. Just don’t shoot!

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