1. Photobombed by a famewhore.

  2. “Babyface, meet my ex husband, puttyface.”

  3. “Who’s grabbin’ my ass?”

  4. JC

    “So, which one of you boys would be interested in some ‘barely legal’ publicity–wink, wink–with my daughter Kendall…oh, sorry Usher, I didn’t realize that was you.”

  5. crb

    1 Douche, 2 Douche, THREE DOUCHES! AH-hah-hah-hah!…

  6. Inner Retard

    Little did they know, much like a shark Kris has been circling them for the last five minutes waiting for the right time to strike… and then, BAM! in an instant it was over and she was in the picture.

  7. BB

    “Too bad Justin, Kim, Kanye, Miley, Lady, Madge, Kourtney, Khloe, Bruce, Lindsay and Ashton couldn’t make it for this but I probably look like a big enough asshole in this vest and hat that no one will even notice.”

  8. Kris is shopping for the next big, black bank account for Khloe to marry

  9. Forget Oddjob… here’s Rimjob, Nosejob and Conjob. I’ll let you sort out who’s who.

  10. K-tron

    Actually, if you look in the background of any photo of successful hip-hop artists, you’ll see Kris Jenner. She’s like Slender Man for wealthy black men.

  11. If only she’d push her face into a Chris Brown photo session.

  12. If I hated her anymore I’d spontaneously combust. fucking whoremonger.

  13. Chris

    Oh God! Antonin Scalia was right!

  14. “Soon….you will each urinate on one of my underage daughters”

  15. Now I see where her daughters get their “desire”.

  16. The new Axis of Evil or just 3 members of The Legion of Doom. Take your pick!

  17. Remember that eerie picture of the mountain lion stalking a family while at a park in Orange County. Like that.

  18. Is Usher auditioning to be a lawn jockey? WTF is up with that hat?

    Good Lord, this bitch can just sniff out black men with money from a mile away, can’t she?

  19. Bonky

    Babyface? This just proves that Kim Kardashian will be getting her own star as well.

  20. Jenn

    She’s probably waiting around to see if she can steal some of their sperm to impregnate one of her broodmares.

  21. jep

    Diddy: “Whoa, is that Biebs over there stripping his clothes off?”

    Usher: “Yeah… dat’s my boy.”

    Biebs (Out of shot): “Cock!! I need huge black cock! NOW!!!”

    And why is Kris Jenner at a “Star Ceremony”?

  22. 132lbsnutsack

    Maybe next time Usher will do us all a favor and consider wearing an Urban Sombrero.

  23. martina

    Those 3 in a sex video?
    No way!

  24. Since she’s going to be single soon enough, Kris Jenner is going to be like Don King standing in the background of every boxing match, only she’ll be standing in the background of every other kind of public event.

  25. courtkney

    “I’m here for the gangbang.”

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