1. “Sign it, “I’m Rick James, bitch!”

  2. She’s got some big ol’ tittays. Is her name “Katie”?

  3. Wait, JJ Abrams is directing Dave Chappelle’s comedy tour now?

  4. He’s probably thinking, would anyone think is racist if I drew her in black tits.

  5. So much room, and so little to write.

  6. BB

    “Better sign this shit right away before the milk goes bad.”

  7. “It’s doodoo baby – DC”

  8. Dave Chapplle and Demi Lovato.

  9. Cocaine’s a hell of a drug

  10. Sure baby, I’ll sign your titties…”Fuck you Hartford Connecticut, hope you all die in a fire. Dave”

    • On the related subject, I saw Dave’s show a few weeks ago and it was ok at best. There was about 30 minutes in the middle where it just dragged pretty badly. I hope he gets his feet back under him, he’s one of the best.

      Also, he chain smoked through the whole show…I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.

      • JPC

        A lot of no-smoking laws have loopholes that allow performers to smoke on stage. I remember there was a story about a bar (I think in Minnesota or Wisconsin) that declared that all patrons were really participants in a nightly performance art piece, in order to let everyone smoke in the bar. Though I think that got shot down by authorities after a while.

      • For me the worst part was the 40 minute break he took in between himself and the opener. People be waitin’, bitch!

  11. He started to sign his name but then he had a nervous breakdown and took off to the African continent.

  12. “I loved you in Shrek!”

  13. She’ll never wash those tits again.

  14. The Pope

    “Who do I make it out to; Wilson or Phillips?”

  15. “Let’s fuck this bitch” – Guy in the immediate background

  16. Bonky

    “I hate white people, but… must…touch…those.. .tits.”

  17. “Can someone come over here and witness my ‘X’ ?”

  18. This was, in fact, the final set of chesticles that Mr. Chappelle would ever sign. Moments afterwards he decided that signing tits was just too damn stressful for him anymore, so he disappeared for a few months.

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