1. Anything to get away from Melanie.

  2. fred

    That’s how he needs ti gear up to bone Melanie these days. Poor bastard.

  3. Inner Retard

    I didn’t know Gimli had a second job as a pirate.

  4. Melanie got the part of Smog.

  5. Spongebob Squarepants 2? Awesome!

  6. Cock Dr

    He has wholeheartedly embraced his aging mediocrity in a way that keeps the checks coming. Well done.

    • And y’know, that’s far more honest than most of the egopaths in Hollywood. Story is he got his start in porn -anything after that is on a higher rung. Well stated.

  7. wait…Spongebob Squarepants live action? You’re telling me that Antonio Bandaras is doing actual movie acting?

  8. “Spongebob!…I am your father!”

  9. THERE. WAS. A. 1?

  10. “Yer a wizard, Spongebob!”

  11. Not pictured: A weeping Johnny Depp, running down the beach, crushing every starfish he finds under his heel.

  12. Are you sure this isn’t the nightly show they put on at Treasure Island in Vegas?

  13. King Robert back from the dead. The seed is strong after all.

  14. The Pope

    “No! I am not Captain Yack!”

  15. 132lbsnutsack

    I thought this was just a typical day for Russell Brand on his way to Yoga class.

  16. This marks the first time him and Melanie have worked together in some years. Mel plays a melted candlestick at the end of the film.

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