1. Jurassic Center Parcs.

  2. martian leader

    a film set i fucking hope!!

  3. I thought we all agreed that Madonna shouldn’t be allowed to act in any more films.

  4. This may be the best Sean Bean death scene yet.

  5. So thin is how he dies in this movie? That’s a new one.

  6. “From direwolves and dragons to bicycles and dinosaurs. Fuck me….”

  7. It’s always awkward when someone’s dog starts sniffing your balls, or their T-Rex starts sniffing your back.

  8. Matthew Broderick thought the UK was far enough away to escape Sarah Jessica. He was wrong.

  9. Wow, Elliott and E.T. both got older and uglier.

  10. Damn, Kris Jenner is everywhere !

  11. “HaHA! That stupid T-Rex kid! Can’t believe he just left this sweet bike all alone while he went inside to get a Slurpee!”
    “Um, excuse me… but I think you may have taken my son’s bicycle by mistake”.

  12. Icehawg

    Wow. “Surprise! Butt Sechs!” just took on a whole new meaning for me.

  13. The Pope

    Must go faster.

  14. Buster

    Guess know how Sean’s going out in that flick…

  15. One does not simply bicycle into Mordor.

  16. This is the longest it’s taken to kill Sean Bean in a movie.

  17. Jenn

    One doesn’t simply ride a bicycle into a forest, for there is a T-Rex there who does not sleep.

  18. Snooki's Taint

    Wait, that dinosaur porn is supposed to have a hot girl in it.

  19. “So I just- bike, right? That’s it? You promise I don’t die in this one?”

  20. Dox

    Stops Bike. “I smell Kardashian…”

  21. “No, I won’t give you a ride, you asshole. Go get your own damned bicycle.”

  22. Christ, Game of Thrones has dinosaurs now? Fuck me…

  23. Blob

    Oh man – a dinosaur stalks a retirement home! Like Bubba-Tee-Rex!

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