1. martian leader

    ‘hey sailor’

  2. TBone

    Andy Dick is looking a lot better than the last time I saw him. Who’s that guy to his right?

  3. JC

    In Andy Dick’s world, everybody looks like this.

  4. “So, uh, if you aren’t doing anything later, maybe we could pop a few xanax and see how those teeth feel around my dick.”

  5. crb

    Andy’s really got to stop coloring his hair.

    Blue doesn’t really work; he’s more of a Spring.

  6. “I’d put my dick in there.”

  7. “Helloooooooo, Kloe Khardashian! Oops, wait, that’s the NEXT picture!”

  8. Cameo by Lindsay Lohan’s vagina.

  9. Two photos of Iggy Azalea in a row?

  10. I thought Andy Dick’s life WAS the Great American Nightmare?

  11. Andy Dick is looking surprisingly good. who’s the short blond guy next to him?

  12. And in one fell swoop, Andy Dick was finally face-to-face with the physical embodiment of every role he had ever played.

  13. Odbarc

    Pillowpants has a new home.

  14. If Alexander Skaarsgard and Andy Dick became a couple, would the media call them Skar Dick or Dick Skar?

  15. If people had to pick one of them to hang out with, I guarantee you they would pick the creature on the right every time, because they would consider Andy Dick just too weird.

  16. richie

    Ellen DeGeneres looks awful here.

  17. jep

    Andy Dick is at a VIP opening? Shouldn’t he be carrying a tray with champagne glasses on it?

  18. 132lbsnutsack

    “Gotnee poons?”

  19. Dox

    Pictured: Andy Dick poses with Melanie Griffith after her latest round of plastic surgery.

    Not Pictured: Antonio Banderas as he runs away screaming and sobbing.

  20. Jeez, Andy Dick is taking so many psychedelics that now everyone else is beginning to see his hallucinations along with him.

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