1. G, A, F, (octave lower) F, C.

  2. She makes me sad.

  3. A few more lies and we’ll have a young Sarah Jessica Parker on our hands.

  4. JBJJ

    If you use your hand to cover up the top half you get Bruce WIllis, cover the bottom you get Demi. CREEPY!

  5. crb

    -than a Chinese phonebook…

  6. fred

    This picture shows her at her absolute best. She cannot possibly hope to ever look better than she does in this picture. This is the pinnacle for her. The zenith. The top.

    And she is still uglier than a monkey’s ass.

  7. Inner Retard

    No, I would not touch her with a one foot pole. And when I say ‘one foot pole’ of course I’m lying about the size of my dick.

  8. Her dad Dies Hard, she Lives Hard.

  9. Rumor “wuchoo talkin bout” Willis.

  10. “Take me to your leader”

  11. inkydinky

    she can try all she wants and have makeup artists and hair stylists and wear expensive clothes but she’s FUG and always will be.

  12. K-tron

    “My God, what a beautiful woman. I must paint her”
    - Picasso

  13. It’s not that her face is unattractive, it’s just that there’s too much of it. Too much face…there’s face where there shouldn’t be face.

  14. speaking of unfortunate….

  15. Moooooooooooooooooooooon face.

  16. champers

    “Melanie Griffith, Kathleen Turner and Bruce Jenner: check back with me in thirty years. You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

  17. anonym


    why hasnt she had plastic surgery yet? shrink that chin and widen that nose

  18. Westcoastdude

    I did not realize that Will Smith’s character in I Am Legend was actually working on a hair restoration cure for those zombie creatures.

  19. “Why the long face?”

    Seriously, I am so sorry, guys.

  20. Odbarc

    For a minute I thought someone photoshopped Natalie Portman with a massive jaw.

  21. ale

    Someone just slammed her on Keira Knightley’s face ?

  22. Is her face pressed up against a sheet of glass???

  23. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    That’s a chin born to take a punch. Even Chris Brown won’t go near her (but for other reasons).

  24. Jenn

    She looks 100% better than usual here. I like her hair. Her makeup plays up her eyes, which are her best feature. She still makes Leno look chinless, but I appreciate the effort.

  25. Rookie

    It’s like they started out with a face made out of silly putty, and just stretched in ways you wouldn’t think to pull it. I can’t argue – she’s got some great tits, but her face… her face….

  26. 132lbsnutsack

    Spider monkey features on a human head. She either needs bigger features or a smaller skull.

  27. Dox

    Can’t decide if she’s part pug, or if someone whacked her in the face with a frying pan at an early age.

  28. M3

    Don’t worry, Mr. Simms. I look weird, but otherwise I’m real normal. Everything’ll be cool.

  29. Damn girl, you got the cash, get that thing shaved down!

  30. Primitivefix06

    Sigh, it’s like polishing a turd.

  31. Beaowr

    Are you sad Rumer? No? Than why the long face?

  32. It’s a plane!

  33. Kaboom

    Keira Knightley in her final form

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