1. crb

    David Bowie keeps looking younger every year. -How does he do it?

  2. MUCH better disguises, but still using that lame “We are from France” cover.

  3. Somewhere in the room, Zack Morris is talking to the audience again.

  4. Conan O’Brien looks great for 50.

  5. Hear no hetero,
    See no hetero,
    Speak no hetero.

  6. Falstaff

    I have concluded, without question, that these are not Libyans.

  7. I guess Jeff didn’t get the memo.

  8. kravdan

    The Jonas Brothers look terrible, good thing they cancelled the tour.

  9. Meanwhile, back at the, “Levar Burton/Billy Idol/Miscellanious Impersonators” Convention…

  10. Every day is Halloween for Tilda.

  11. (L-R): LeVar Burton, Annie Lennox, Tim Robbins

    …OR *ARE* THEY?

  12. Pablo

    Tourist pictures at Madame Tussaud’s never look realistic.

  13. The Thompson Twins are still alive???

  14. Jenn

    Tilda and David Bowie must be from the same clan of elves…they at least share a tailor.

  15. OH FUCK! They’re planning on making a revised Mt. Rushmore and these are the new faces…

  16. The color contrasts between their hair is awe inspiring.

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