1. Dude’s got the best view in the house.

  2. crb

    “Lady, I don’t care if your crotch is wearing a black to mourn the death of that Marussia driver, the smell is still killing the rest of the cast.
    -ok, except for that one black guy.”

  3. fred

    “Yep, that’s a cock. I win the pool guys.”

  4. “Ok, here nerd. I’ve shown you my panties. Now can I PLEASE get by?”

  5. Hollywood aint all glamour kids…stay in school.

  6. john

    that show is still on?

  7. Icehawg

    Aha! I knew it! I knew Vajayjay’s had internet access.

  8. Odbarc

    There’s a lot of dust in my Skimmer Basket. Pool-boy!!

  9. jep

    “Aw geez…she’s frozen another one. Someone get the poor bastard some hot chocolate and a thermal blanket.”

  10. 132lbsnutsack

    Glad to see The Great Gazoo is still in the biz.

  11. Dox

    “Com system. Check. Air supply. Check. Ted, where’s my safety rope? I’m going in….”


    “Ms. Cox, please keep your hands on the bar at all times. Enjoy the ride.”


    “I think I see David Arquette’s soul in there….”

  12. tlmck

    It’s a jellyfish sting Monica. Pee on it.

  13. “Courtney, I really don’t care if you use a vibrator to masturbate, but can’t you just do it at home like everyone else?”

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