1. In the right light, she looks exactly like what she is – a 60 year old woman with a huge party wig.

  2. cc

    Wattle is she looking at?

  3. Loki

    It’s 2012…

  4. Johnny P!

    Kirsty: Oversized coat? Check. Oversized, teased hair? Check.
    Massive, oversized purse? Check. Christ, I must look like goddam Twiggy in this get-up!

  5. HumpinFrog

    Why does she always look so snarky? Is it from the constant bacon farts? I would think after a while you get use to them.

  6. Deacon Jones

    What’s Wormtongue doing in LAX?

  7. Karen

    The face that inspired a thousand facelifts.

  8. roseY

    size 6 my ass (but not hers)

  9. Jon and Kate plus Hate

    She looks like the Emperor from Star Wars

  10. Troll

    Wow, it’s Deena’s mom

  11. Wow! Kirstie Alley, just HOT AS SHIT right now! Damn gurl, just at the top of your game right now.

  12. She always DID want to be Norm…

  13. SSHGuru

    Jabba The Hut has really let himself go.

  14. The Brown Streak

    I really hope she doesn’t confuse the airport arrival time charts with today’s menu…..again…

  15. quickrick

    this on-off fat thin story left her looking like this…

  16. cc

    The lizard that ate the guinea pig.

  17. She actually just goes here because it’s the only Cinnabon in town.

  18. jackalop

    “Two weeks….two weeks…twosd weetrks….twwwooor wreeeekkksss!!!!!!”

  19. Lord Invader

    I don’t really wanna know what’s in Veronica’s Closet, but I imagine there a lot of black robes and a light saber or two.

  20. dotmatrix

    Better call in an A-380.

  21. WhatTheFuckWhoCares

    I’d tap it

  22. tlmck

    That come hither look must mean she is in line at the airport McDonalds.

  23. I thought she was shooting for a size 6? Now she weighs more than my Audi A6…

  24. Ozzy looks confused because he cant figure out why he’s carrying Sharons purse.

  25. b

    Palpatine! looking like she got thrown down a reactor shaft.

  26. dnkypunch

    LMAO @Deflector Shield Comment.

    Unlike a Scotch – KA did not get better with age…

  27. TheBigNumberOne

    I think I saw her in the Budweiser commercial pulling the wagon

  28. Carrie Fisher just lost a bunch of weight lately. I think we all know who found it.

  29. She’s got a new gig selling Prada belt extenders.

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