1. That’s not an ass, it’s a shelf.

  2. Wait, wait… NFGTV? Does that stand for No Fucking Good Television?

  3. I think I saw her at Walmart with a kid standing on that back shelf.

  4. TheSalominizer

    post-op Terry José

  5. stewie

    That’s no moon, it’s a space station.

  6. Oz Matters

    So its a photo of a woman with a front and back cleavage.

  7. cc

    I’d drop a quarter in that slot, just for the hell of it. A cold one.

  8. I think her middle name is Kardashian.

  9. You’re only supposed to have an “hour glass figure” when you’re facing the front!

  10. lovely, a stinky butt crack a an awards show, how classy

  11. tahairy what?

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