1. DeucePickle

    That is one see-through under shirt !

  2. I think wearing that would inhibit my good times, what with my tits showing every time I moved. I’m as good a time as the next gal, but come on!

  3. I know Hulk Hogan had a thing for manly blondes, but I never thought he’d stoop so low as to go for Jessica Simpson.

  4. C’mon… why even bother with clothes at this point?

  5. Zoolander 2: Zoolandier?

  6. My hands are cold. Can I put them in your jacket?

  7. I wonder how women can dress like this and not see how desperate they come off.

  8. Buddy The Elf


  9. Martina

    Stay classy honey.

  10. and this is supposed to look good? bleh!

  11. I’m really glad that everyone wants to see her tits.

  12. Carolyn


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