1. it had to be said

    Is she even still on TV? I’m pretty sure that she’s not even famous for being famous anymore. How about we retire her to the dustbin of history and call it a day?

    • anonymous

      I doubt that her show is still on. She gets engaged to a new dude every season and she hasn’t announced a new fiancee in 6 months.

  2. JPC

    I think she must be having some sort of allergic reaction to the food she’s eating……. oh wait, that’s what her face normally looks like?…Well, god damn.

  3. Hopalong

    Is she doing a remake of Alien Nation? Hopefully they can get Scott Caan.

  4. Senor Trout

    Someone bet her she couldn’t get uglier, and she goes and has plastic surgery just to win the bet. Well played.

  5. malaka

    thats pretty fucked up right there.
    its like a piece of tree or a ceramic plate.

  6. Frank Burns

    When the Symbiosis Commission says you are too skanky to host a symbiont, sometimes you flee the Trill homeworld to another planet and just eat soup.

  7. “Does your soup taste ok? Mine tastes like makeup, lipstick, and regret”

  8. caley

    She looks like if the moon, from ‘A Trip to the Moon’, went to Hot Topic, then went out for lunch.

  9. JO JO

    Marilyn Mansons long lost sister

    • Jen

      His long lost ugly stepsister maybe. And if you’re considered Manson’s ugly stepsister, well, those face tats aren’t big enough.

  10. That’s just awful.

  11. She’s Asian now?

  12. She’s suffering from the new Lil’ Kim syndrome

  13. Joe Blow


  14. CptCreep

    Equinsu Ocha! Equinsu Ocha!

  15. meeps!

    When did L.A. open a Kabuki Theater…?

  16. Lisbeth Zoolander.
    I know it makes no sense, i just blurted it out and had to write it down.

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