1. Meshuggah Tits

    How many syllables in “bok-bok,” Joanna?

  2. malaka


  3. penis

    that’s right joana.

  4. catapostrophe

    How many implants, vacuous pig?

  5. Lord Helmet

    Joanna had a Two-finger rule and was not afraid to tell everyone at the party. After all, she didn’t put on that dress for nothing!

  6. As your agent, Mrs. Krupa, my professional opinion is you sign the new contract. You’ll notice a 10% reduction in salary, but a full 2% of net on the back end, plus 5% of net in foreign and satellite markets. Your thoughts?

    Dis how chicken make egg. Uuuunnnngggggghhhh.



  7. I would love to sleep with her

  8. I’d love to have sexual relations with her.

  9. Brit

    My eyes are up here, Paps

  10. YEAH! Joanna “chicken” Krupa sighting! thank you Photo Boy!

  11. Icehawg

    Shouldn’t it be “Dis how duck look” this time?

  12. cc

    At risk of stating the obvious….I’d wreck this woman.

  13. I presume the franchise exporters are unaware that in Polish “Pacha” means “armpit.”

  14. Little Tongue

    “Women with smelly pussies should never wear short skirts with an air vent panel. Ever.”
    “Well, I’ve got two of those. Live with it or die by it.”

  15. On a scale of 1 to 10, how’s that vaj smell?

  16. daniel

    “Joanna how many dicks did you have to suck to get invited to this event?”

  17. 10. Definitely 10!

  18. …as in “cat.”

  19. Schadenfreude

    Oh, I love charades! Don’t tell me, let me guess… “Your IQ”. No? Ok, wait… “The size of your vagina”. Ha! Only 2 guesses! Sweet!

  20. “Dis how chicken foot look.”

  21. It’s not nice to duck-face people and flip them off at the same time.

  22. Suck it

    I don’t get the “Dis how chicken…” joke. I Googled it and nothing came up. I need answers!!!

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