1. Always funny watching fat girls attempt something athletic.

  2. anonymous

    Dammit first someone put lipstick on the pig. Now the pig is flying.

    I might just have to pay up on all those false promises I’ve made in the past.

  3. JPC

    That must be some space age fabric, to be able to support that weight.

  4. omgdatass

    omg datass

  5. Spleen

    Gorillas don’t swing from vines.

  6. Senor Trout

    It’s a purple rope instead of a purple crayon, but she likes riding it nonetheless.

  7. Michael_D

    Looks like Oscorp finally figured out the right formula…

  8. think. these were the best pictures.

  9. Smapdi

    That’s actually a good use of one of Kim’s leftover thongs.

  10. She’s graceful like a gorilla.

  11. What? A flying pig? If you’ll excuse me gentlemen, I know a certain woman who said she would have sex with me when pigs fly. I bid you adieu.

  12. After all this time, we’ve been looking outdoors for validation of the sasquatch. I don’t know about you, but I feel silly.

  13. Son of Flubber

    That purple sash/rope, was brown by the end of the day.

  14. Sheppy

    Anyone contacted NASA about that material yet?

  15. You wouldn’t believe what it takes to get a Khardashian into a thong!

  16. coljack

    “God, I miss Lamar.”

  17. cc

    Where’s there a Montreal escalator when you need one.

  18. Jenn

    Cryptozoologists now have photographic proof that the Sasquatch swing from ropes and vines.

  19. So they finally flew. Fuck.

  20. cory

    Grape ape. Grape ape.

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