1. That scooter is so metal.

  2. JC


  3. joe

    Obey your Vespa!


    Vespa of Italy, I’m enjoying your speed.

    Blowing your hair and going where you need.

    Just twist my throttle and I’ll make you “Wheeee!”



  4. Vespa has taken me here
    Taken me there
    Taken me near
    Taken me far
    Taken me out
    Taken me home
    Left me traveling weeeeeelllll

  5. “Vespa light
    Vespa night
    Take my hand
    We’re off to get a tan”

  6. Petulia Basettoni

    Aww, he looks so happy! James

  7. Andie

    The comments made me LOL! I love this guy. Always have.

  8. Not seen, just out of shot – Lars wearing a tiny hat, on a child’s tricycle, because he’s a whining little fucking brat.

    • Even though Sean Parker is kind of a douche, it give me sweet solace that Lars, who is an even bigger douchebag, went after Parker and Napster and in the end Parker still bested him and is a multi-billionaire now. That has to just burn Lars up every single day knowing that.

  9. “Beer Goooooood!!”

  10. This is actually a great metaphor for what Metallica has been for the last 20 years.

  11. “U-R-Gay…what a funny name for a country!”
    — Homer Simpson

  12. Cock Dr

    I’ll go ahead and assume that James is there in Uruguay enjoying the county’s new legal weed for all 40 grams per person per month hospitalities.

  13. richie

    looks like he’s really, “off to never, never land”

  14. dboff01

    Is a Vespa really that well known? I had to Google to understand the comments.

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