1. Nice to a Weinstein getting out for some exercise.

  2. Polk

    Wow. Fat and a bad toupee. never go full Jew.

  3. Big Daddy was not just a shit film, it was a prophecy.

  4. You don’t mess with the Zohan…but you can feed it all you want.

  5. George P Burdell

    Doing his Jonah Hill impression and hoping the Mr DiCaprio or Mr. Scorsese (or anyone) will notice him.

  6. The embodiment of Jud Apatow, as a Jud Apatow movie: bloated, slow and tired.

  7. Hugh G. Rection

    Oh, that’s what you do when you’re not making horrible unfunny movies.

  8. If you put some tuba music to this photo Adam Sandler is finally funny.

  9. He might “Grown Up,” but he is mostly Grown Out.

  10. Ivana Tinkle

    When you hang out with Kevin James too long, fat just gets absorbed through the pores.

  11. dontkillthemessenger

    You never see him and Rob Kardashian in the same place at the same time…

    (although that’s mostly because security doesn’t let Rob in.)

  12. At least he LOOKS funny…

  13. Dick Thunder: Brain Doctor

    Christ, is he preparing for a role playing Rob Kardashian?

  14. Flappy Gilmore

  15. LMAO!!!!!
    i can just tell he keeps riding on the downhill streets.

  16. Jenn

    Damn. Little Nicky ain’t so little anymore. It was the Popeyes.

  17. “I’m a fatty!? NO!! Oh, my God… I’m a fatty!!”

  18. Icehawg

    Even Michael J. Fox is laughing at this picture.

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