1. I have a new idea for a reality show:
    Pair him with Nick Nolte and see who can out-crazy the other

  2. some jerk

    “I’ve worn suits you wouldn’t believe.”

  3. JimBB

    I think his life expired a long time ago.

  4. I know what Shia LaBeouf will be wearing tomorrow.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Stay tuned for the 37th season premiere of “Ellen”.

  6. I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t BELIEVE…I’ve seen old Dutch men wearing suits made from the seat covers of a ’72 Volkswagen Beetle…I’ve seen hi-top sneakers that look like someone puked on them…all these moments will be lost…in time…like drool in the rain.

  7. malaka



  9. That’s not the real Rutger, its just his fabulous replicant twin….is that redundant?

  10. buzz

    Even his Chuck Taylors look crazy as hell.

  11. Spleen

    He wants more life fucker, he ain’t done. Yeah.

  12. Fingergod

    Geez, the 10th Doctor has really let himself go.

  13. Damn, to think this was once one of the most epic movie bad guys of all time. Time is a bitch.

  14. donkeylicks

    I’m betting that he’s really starting to regret having his life extended after all.

  15. Jon Pertwee looks pretty good

  16. Please tell me that’s a onesie.

  17. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Roy’s living up to his last name.

  18. Hey Hey I Got Somethin 2 Say

    Still looks better than Stallone or Schwarzenegger.

    Better to age gracefully and naturally than look like a big shiny, puffed up lesbian!

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