1. mamamia

    Little Boy Blew

  2. I used to bang Mila Kunis…toot toot!

  3. Clapton named a guitar “Brownie” and another one named “Blackie”. BB King has one named “Lucille”. And Macauley Culkin has a toy trumpet named “Michael Jackson”

  4. The song is called “Fuck you dad, enjoy your stroke.”

  5. JimBB

    That’s the coolest crack pipe I’ve ever seen.

  6. malaka

    “…that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.”

  7. yeah, that looks like a band people are lining up to see.

  8. Aunt Cracker

    He wanted a better relationship with his dad but since the stroke it’s been kinda one-sided.

  9. Play a song Mr. Kazooman, play a song for me …

  10. So, I’m guessing that’ the sum total of his musical contribution to his band?

  11. Help

    Funny how all these kids Michael Jackson raped turned out to be addicts… they should write a book or something… turn it into a positive… help other kids out there.

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