1. Joe Blow

    “Damn hemorrhoids flaring up again.”

  2. Balls Mcgee

    Miles: you see that chick over there? I’m gonna pee so hard in her butt.
    Zac: Yeah, whatever man, you got anymore coke?

  3. “Zac, dude—either that weed was bad or the ghost of Jacob Marley is coming out of the floor RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.”

  4. JimBB

    Jay and Silent Knob.

  5. What happened to Miles’ face? It was laced with scars that not even makeup could fully conceal in “The Spectacular Now”.

    He’s a promising actor, much better than Zac Efron but I had a hard time getting past the facial scars…I kept wondering if he went through a plate glass window face-first or something.

  6. cc

    Hmmm, yes, I CAN feel your prolapsed asshole.

  7. cc

    The photographer’s time would have been much better spent getting a pic of the girl on the upper left

  8. “I wish I knew how to quit you.”

  9. fred

    “Hey Zac, is it working? Does everyone think that we are Jonah Hill and Leo DeCaprio?”

  10. Zack has the coke jaw happening again.

  11. Helena Handbasket

    This is the first time I’ve seen Zac looking a little haggard. I worry that his looks are starting to go. Without his looks, he has nothing – and I’ll have to find a new fantasy bf.

  12. “I’m hungry. Got any jawbreakers?”
    “Shut up!”

  13. MIRV

    This looks like the first scene of a gay…what I image a gay porn to look like. 3:43 later…

  14. me

    are we going to have a 2nd Behind the Candelabra movie?

  15. Everyone Knows

    You can tell Zac Efron is still “using” just by his face.

    Sad. Get yourself clean, Zac!

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