1. Every time she presses the button with her hoof, the machine dispenses a sugar cube.

  2. That’s a grand opening? I thought it was a bridle expo.

  3. Pavlovian apple dispenser……

  4. Joe Blow

    “What’s this button do, Willllllllbur?”

  5. she looks great for her age. fuck the haters

  6. ” Alrightttt a box of sugar cubes, the party’s going to start in my stall tonight! “

  7. Eejut

    Staples’ easy button can’t fix that.

  8. Somebody got a box a carrots!!

  9. “I just push this button and a baby’s soul is absorbed directly into my skin. It lasts for almost 24 hours before I….before I, revert.”

  10. cc

    ‘Mmmmm, jewellery by Redpath’.

  11. She looks like someone put peanut butter on the roof of her mouth.

  12. Son of Flubber

    Her nose should date Owen Wilsons nose. They should have a lot to talk about.

  13. fred

    “Ha. Golden Apple Award. I get it. Very funny everyone.”

  14. Grand opening for what, a new equestrian center?

  15. Awesome display of learning. Someone should fix her up with Man O’War. That would be one fast and smart horse.

  16. rican

    *Sound: Long horse neigh*

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