1. Nonny Moose

    I’m gayer than you.
    Nuh uh. I’m gayer.
    Bullshit. I’ve practically got rainbows coming out of my ass.
    Those aren’t rainbows, douche.
    Hey, isn’t that Jake Gyllenhaal over there?
    Yeah. NICE ass. Nice.

  2. catapostrophe

    A family that sashays together stays together.

  3. Jonas Brothers, in the search for employment.

  4. Animal

    “Dude, I thought you said ‘Cockwalk.’”

  5. This used to be the coolest stretch of Sunset Boulevard. I would go there just to see the handprints of Chuck Berry & B.B. King. Now, after this photo, it’s like a thousand hobos puked all over it.

  6. They stick together as a pack for recognition. Individually they’re just seen as an anonymous Twink.

  7. contusion

    They always walk staggered like that to throw off the sniper.

  8. It would look cooler without the stumpy, bowlegged legs, short torsos and cro-magnon facial features. Other than that, they look great.

  9. Pictured: Irony.

  10. Phoenix

    Ah, ah, ah, ah.
    Stayin’ Alive.

  11. How to survive in LA.
    step 1: Walk around with confidence.
    step 2: Don’t be a Jonas Brother.

  12. This is just the beginning of the historic Purse Fight at the Rockwalk Corral. Many will “go down” before this day is over…

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