1. kravdan

    Bill, we forgive you for Leonard Part 6. Sazzle frazzle hey hey hey.

  2. Chris

    Pudding Pops

  3. Wait…. so I should be looking at camera one or camera two or both?

  4. Animal

    Rehearsal for his upcoming one-man show: “Black Marty Feldman.”

  5. contusion

    When I was a kid, they still had the tamer versions of freak shows at the state fair. I saw an older black guy called Pop-Eye who would pop his eyeballs out at you. Pretty sure this is him.

  6. Mr Cosby, you need to face the other way to play the piano.

  7. “I want my pudding. Did someone eat my pudding? Where’s my goddamned pudding?”

  8. tlmck

    If I had his money, I would not give a crap either.

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