1. I’d like to knock him and his shit-eating grin but come on… he lives in the playboy mansion…

  2. catapostrophe

    I wonder whether any of his stepmothers spanked him.

  3. sweet peaches

    Your Dad Has Lots Of Money?? Well, Good . You Might Get Some Vagina After All. NOT MINE …or anything close to my caliber …but some. With a face like yours “some” is all you should be aiming for!

  4. His father had the best of the gene pool to play in and yet his son ended up looking like this?

  5. Unfortunately he got his dad’s “good looks” and his Playboy Bunny Mom’s “brains.”

  6. sexyman48

    Hey I found that chromosome you lost.

  7. Carolyn

    Fucking ugly.

  8. contusion

    He looks like every bad feature of Hugh’s magnified in Photoshop.

  9. Ash

    Wasn’t sure who his mom was and what did google give? Turns out this dude beat up his girlfriend last year. Douche.

  10. right

    This isn’t a Tarantino?

  11. mrsbloodyface

    Lloyd Christmas was just so much more distinguished with a bowl haircut.

  12. How does the math work out here? A 5-6 dad, and a 9-10 mom and he ends up a 3? It’s probably justice for having been born rich with sluts everywhere in sight.

  13. Seen here out and about all on his own like a big boy is James Van Der Beek’s retarded little brother.

  14. sitsdeep


  15. He thinks he’s

    the sea captain from the seventies Old Spice commercial.

  16. “What — me worry?”

  17. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    It’s a little too early for Halloween masks, no?

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