1. Little Tongue

    It’s a really bad idea to take viagra shortly before attending a premiere. Good luck keeping it in.

  2. sweet peaches

    Youre not foolin anyone, Nic Cage…I know thats you!

  3. I remember when he bought Harry Potter the Nimbus 2000…ah, good times.

  4. Hey, if I panhandled, I wouldn’t stray too far from a Baja Fresh, either. It’s cheap and it’s good eatin’.

  5. Toe Jam

    “Wait a minute…this isn’t The Thunderbirds. I don’t have to suck your cock.

  6. Laugh all you want… this guy is awesome.

  7. Four steps, and he would be inside. He could breathe easy now. His disguise had fooled everyone, except for that one guy, and everyone else.

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