1. Nonny Moose

    Hehehehehehehe! It’s a girl. A real live GIRL! And she TOUCHED me!

  2. CrashHell

    I wonder how it feels to know that you can murder someone just by telling them, “I think we should see other people”?

  3. One day Frankie, you will be a real boy.

  4. Brit

    Muniz was Plan B. Dinklage wasn’t available.

  5. Hank E. Ring

    I shouldn’t, but I just feel sorry for this guy.

  6. I understand his left side being dead from the stroke, but why the gimpy right hand?

  7. Where's my hat ?

    Hang on, I watched the finale…shouldn’t he have graduated by now and be working as an ADA ?

    I’m confused…

  8. She’s taking him to a policeman to find his parents.

  9. Alexxx

    It looks like the horrifying combination of Jesse Pinkman and Michael J. Fox turned into a mentally handicapped teenager..

  10. He looks like a young Stephen Hawking. (I WILL take the suite upgrade, Satan)

  11. That’s a way hotter girl than he deserves.

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