1. Jason

    Thank god he smokes.. I mean.. that has to be a deterrent for some Victoria’s Secrets angels, right?

  2. kravdan

    I’m sure those are environmentally friendly cigarettes…

  3. Where's my hat ?

    quick, quick, throw Jude Law at her…

  4. Spazzz

    “I don’t care if I’m missing a necklace, I’m the fuck out of here…” Checks mirror, speeds away.

  5. Bloat Alert. Warning Level Yellow.

  6. Invizibul sammich?

  7. Phoenix

    Hey Academy, read between the lines.

  8. “Hey, Leo, remember when you chided me about Bar Refaeli’s vagina being ‘used?’ Turns out it was no big thing. I just went past the used part.”

  9. werwer

    he looks like a nail biter. the way of the future.

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