1. Artimus

    And that’s how my sisters keep getting work.

  2. your mom

    uh-oh, the hot one is starting to look like the murder one…

  3. USDA Prime McBeef

    reluctantly, i’d watch ‘em fuck

  4. I’m not quite sure which one is more bored with the other

  5. Olsen : “Mary-Kate? Are you listening to me?”
    Fanning (Thinking) : “If this imp calls me one of her Poppypuff Twin-Sisters name a gain I will cut her faster than wanted to cut my little sister when she came home and told me someone called her Dakota! “

  6. Dakota Fanning isn’t that adorable anymore, sadly. Elizabeth Olsen is as cute as a button, though.

  7. Ash

    Dakota is over it. All of it.

  8. They look like a lot of fun.

  9. Dakota is fulling out in all the right places. I love it. Elizabeth is always hot.

  10. Phoenix

    Dakota Fanning is the new Grumpy Cat.

  11. “I sure hope that someone comes over and asks me to dance…”
    “Hmm? Oh, yeah…right.”

  12. Harry Dong

    Shut your mouth bitch, you’re giving me a hard-on!

  13. Boof

    Elizabeth Olsen is great. I’d like to bang both of them. Maybe finger one’s butthole while banging the other.

  14. rolf

    Having seen a couple of her early movies, I cannot help but feel creepy when I notice that Dakota Fanning is now hot.

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