1. If Boardwalk Empire is looking for somebody to shoot in the face, here’s your man.

  2. EricLr

    Some fast-talking dame was givin’ me the lip and the runaround, so finally I says to her “Look, missy, I’m on an investigation with the clock ticking here. Now, do you know where my career is or not?”

  3. He looks like quite a dick.

  4. Bigalkie

    It would be hilarious to watch a ten year old girl beat the shit out of him. Can you say ” pay per view”?

  5. DontMindMe

    Wyatt Derp

  6. skinnyfat

    Egad, I’ve got it! Jared Leto, in the closet, with the dildo.

  7. squishy

    Still creepy in any country!

  8. Cm

    I love him

  9. chupacabra

    I regret to inform you, you cannot pull off that hat, sir.

  10. Remember when I gained all the weight to play the guy who shot John Lennon? No? Well fuck!

  11. King Diamond

    Inspector Gayget

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