1. Purple Rainman.

    • squishy


      • OK, yeah. It was supposed to be a reference to Purple Rain and Rainman, since it’s a purple scarf and Rainman was kind of weird.

        Big fail. I sensed it after I posted it.

        How about this:

        Russell Brand’s new job – mike stand for Steven Tyler.

  2. EricLr

    I won’t make fun of this. I get no pleasure from shooting an animal that clearly wants to be shot.

  3. The sign behind him that says “LIC KING” says it all.

  4. Is Fleetwood Mac getting back together?

  5. Contusion

    I think the “in west hollywood” was a little redundant.

  6. I say!

    “I’ll wear this buggard scarf and look bloody brilliant in it!”

  7. If he has to wear something virtually transparent, I guess I’m glad it’s his scarf.

  8. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    It’s only where the sun is that makes this look bad. Up.

  9. dontkillthemessenger

    This picture was attached to Katy Perry’s divorce papers under the heading, “Reason for dissolution of marriage”.

  10. DeucePickle

    This guy should play Gambit in some terrible Xmen movie

  11. Cock Dr

    That’s a really nice scarf that would love to escape the douchebag that kidnapped it.

  12. Adam

    This grey leather jacket really compliments his purple ladies wear.

  13. Bigalkie

    The things that you see when you don’t have your gun.

  14. He misses her so much he has taken to wearing her dresses?

  15. Humpinfrog

    This clearly is a man trying to deal with his impending divorce quietly and unassuming. Or just shot a few mils of heroin and is trolling for two maybe three chicks for a quicky. Could go either way really. I don’t see a wheelchair so I’m leaning towards the former.

  16. Hide the phone

    His hand trembled to hide the iphone he once used to tweet the world lovely photographs of his wife whom now forbids him to twitter her lovelys.

  17. Rusty101

    Somewhere, Kathy P. is crossing herself and saying, “Thank you God, for helping me get rid of this troll.”

  18. BenDoverman

    Your loss Miss Perry!

  19. Biff

    What you all are missing is that Katy Perry is standing about 30 ft behind him in this pic.

  20. AnnaDraconida

    That woman in the background probably regrets not being able to take a picture of the greatest clusterfuck of FAIL she’s witnessed in her entire life.

  21. Just a man lookin’ for someone to milk the heroine from his nipples.

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