1. Power Derping.

  2. Flannel is for lesbians. Good choice.

  3. Ever since that mean little girl stole his scooter, he’s had to hope around town… Poor guy…

  4. He’s ditched the scooter and opted for the invisible horse instead.

  5. “Wolverine….come back with my scooter!!!!”

  6. “The rainbow light is on, time to cross!”

  7. cc

    He’s doing the Pink Panther walk. Now if only he had the bitchin’ ride.

  8. Bigalkie


  9. Hope he’s crossing against the light……and LiLo is driving up the street.

  10. Humpinfrog

    When I walk in the spot, this is what I see
    All lumberjacks stops and they staring at me
    I got a bowl cut on my head and I ain’t afraid to show it, show it, show it, show it

  11. Bonky

    Fifty million in the bank and he still buys from the Big Boy shop at Sears.

  12. How… jaunty.

  13. Do the kids still say “poindexter” these days?

  14. Dorothy Hamill needs estrogen therapy.

  15. dee

    Robert Pattinson finally decided to wash his hair and iron his shirt.

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