1. Nice camel toe.

  2. “No, no. We wanted to rent the SKARSgard.”

  3. DeucePickle

    Aren’t there already enough John Holmes movies ?

  4. cc

    I don’t need to be reminded of the 70s. What a tacky decade.

  5. Adam

    Hangin’ out! Down the street!

  6. Bigalkie

    ” I know that it’s a stretch but I play a really ugly, scuzzy guy”.

  7. Bonky

    Wow, I saw that shot and got the 1970′s thing right away.

  8. Rusty101

    I bet Lindsay Lohan gives thanks she is not in this mess.

  9. The Brown Streak

    “No, no. Just ignore that plea for help coming from my white van.”

  10. Gordon GEICO

    This is what happens when you combine Dennis Miller with Hyde. Don’t do that.

  11. squishy

    OMG Men should never wear those type of jeans in any era!! ~eeeeek~

  12. Dennis Miller when he hung to the left.

  13. Seriously?! the guys built like a Ken-doll

  14. Val Kilmer’s been working out.

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