1. Employee

    that disguise kit is missing the fake nose and mustache

  2. That kid looks like a fucking brat already!

  3. kravdan

    I’m down with the cleavage, but what’s up with the steampunk glasses?

  4. I wondered what happened to Adam Bomb after his WWE career.

  5. $10 says that kid’s nanny hangs herself at one of his birthday parties.

  6. He’s gonna breast feed through high school.

  7. Pretty nice cleavage. Despite the fact that she’s a Kardashian, I think we should be treated to an unobstructed view of Kourtney’s boobage.

  8. “Damn that’s an uuuugly baybaay..”

  9. EZ-B

    Unfortunately, this was the last thing the photographer saw. Shortly after, everything started to levitate and he exploded, and somewhere, Old Joe knew this child was The One…oh yes, he was The One.

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