1. “‘E iz, how you say… Bag of douche?”

  2. “Why yes, I AM a smoker…how did you know?”

  3. “Brothers and sisters, I have been healed. I used to look like Russell Brand. But now I look like this through the power of JEEBUS!”

  4. Frank Burns

    “And now I’d like to sing Taylor Swift’s song “Fifteen,” because that’s how many microseconds I waited before shooting down her request for a date. Its also how many times I’ve slept with One Direction. Love you, Taytay!”

  5. Moo Cow Hunter

    You love me! You really love me!… Wait, this isn’t an Oscar…

  6. How did Seth Green get so greasy?

  7. GJerk

    Here, let me breathe in your face.

  8. Cock Dr


  9. CptCreep

    Hey Taylor, remember me? I’m the guy who told you to go fuck yourself.

  10. mrsbloodyface

    He’d get alot more dick if he’d take a friggin bath.

  11. herewego

    seriously, right here–>in my mouth.

  12. Whyask

    Pumping that like a dick won’t make it cum, Brad

  13. ^jealous. good looking. decent actor. *falls asleep*

  14. mk

    reminds me of that bisexual/GHEY guy who couldn’t commit, i once dated.

  15. Burt

    His French is a bit rusty and he has a bit of an accent, but he’s fluent.

  16. Metal God

    What an ugly looking individual. Ferret man.

  17. Hugh Jazz

    2012′s recipient of the Mr. Moist Award goes to…

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