1. If David Bowie and Christopher Walken had a love-child.

  2. elephantman

    Eat a effing sandwhich. Your over doing the aids look!

  3. Scott Weiland?

  4. cc

    The Dallas Buyer’s Club sequel is shooting already?

  5. He’s starting to look like an older Christopher Walken.

  6. rospo

    David Bowie looking good these days..

  7. Jack Ketch

    Botox much?

  8. meh

    I see that Bob Barker returned to feeding on the human blood. Vampire regeneration at its finest.

  9. I’ve always liked Maconaughey but I would like him a whole lot more if he would leak some nudie pics of his wife. Maybe not like him enough to perform whatever Jonah performs on Leo but close.

  10. This is a wax figure right?

  11. Phoenix

    Bill Nye the Oscar Guy.

  12. When the fuck did Kenny Rogers dye his hair brown?

  13. I know he lost a bunch of weight, and allegedly gained most of it back, but what the hell sort of work did he have done on his face? He looks like Pat Boone.

  14. Son of Flubber

    “Could someone give me Kleenex…so I can dump Jared Leto’s man seed?”

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