1. Wardrobe by Paula Deen.

  2. meeps!

    Where’s the flood…?

  3. anonymous

    He gets a pass for now only because he was in the same room with Emily Ratajkowski fully nude.

  4. cc


  5. Icehawg

    “….? Where the fuck is Will Smith with that van….? Thought he was picking me up here.”

  6. Good to see Pharrell successfully graduated from Jaden Smtih’s School of Red Carpet Facial Expressions.

  7. Cmndr_Bytes

    This fashion needs to stop before it goes any further. That is the stupidest look since baggy sagging down to their thighs pants. Does each generation try to out stupid the last? Stop the madness. Call a truce.

  8. Andie

    Seriously? That’s supposed to look good? *smh*

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