1. Alright girls, on three smile like you aren’t riddled with shame for having sex with a decrepit liver spotted old man for room and board.. one… two…. three…

  2. (numbered left to right)

    4, 3, 5, then 2 and 1 at same time

  3. brick

    Wait. One of these doesn’t belong with the others.

  4. coljack

    Playboy is regretting its Facebook fan contest: “Be a Bunny for a Day.”

  5. Cock Dr

    Big bunny up there. Harvey sized.

  6. Echo5

    I’m not going to sit here and act like I wouldn’t click a link to check them out.


  8. Who slipped the Playboy Manatee in?

  9. Playboy Bunnies come in all shapes and sizes. Evidently.

  10. meh

    You know what….I’ll take the chick on the far right because at least I’ll have a realistic chance of banging a Playboy bunny.

  11. Token fat Playboy bunny on the right.

  12. Dick Thunder

    So we found the Lost Kardashian

  13. Lougle search “Miriam Gonzalez”. That is all.

    • dennis

      Damn for a second there I thought I was going to have a J. Geils Band Centerfold moment.

      I knew a chick named Miriam Gonzalez in high school; had an even hotter sister named Irma.

      That Bunny is from the East Coast though…..

  14. cc

    She counts as 3 out of the 60.

  15. crb

    Sela Ward’s 2 daughters, their friends from Study Abroad, and the lucky Mall of America House Bunny Raffle grand-prize winner representing Dame Lane of Bryant.

  16. renotastic

    That bunny was first to the Peeps display.

  17. Over there on the right…… that’s enough bunny for THREE hutches.

  18. I’ll take the one on the right.

  19. If you see this van a-rockin’, it’s us trying to toss the fat b*tch out.

  20. Dogma

    You guys calling the chick on the right fat are nuts. Not only is she still hot; she’s got bigger tits than the other four combined.

    This is why Miley Cyrus pics keep showing up on this site.

  21. I guess Jessica Rabbits are a dime a dozen….but a Khloe Rabbit, now that is special.

  22. damnit meg

    Who invited AssChest on the right?

  23. k Melissa McCarthy is totally trolling now.

  24. Swearin

    This is the sexiest “Highlights” magazine Find-The-One-That-Doesn’t-Belong puzzle ever

  25. Cross-eyed Fran Drescher doesn’t know whose leg she’s grabbing.

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