1. that guy really wants to bang dicraprio.

  2. “Leo, its been fucking *days* since I last saw you..how you been bro?”

  3. CK

    Even after filming an ENTIRE MOVIE together, he’s still star-struck. Go Leo!

  4. My dog stares at me the same way. Dammit Jonah, Leo doesn’t have any snausages!

  5. “Can I say that I know Toni, too? Can I? Can I? Can I? Can I? Pleeeeeeeease?

  6. cc

    Judging by Jonah’s face, Leonardo just showed him his little black book. Not the separate one for Victoria’s Secret angels, I mean the back up one.

  7. Is Hill four feet tall? Because DiCaprio isn’t a big guy.

  8. Mohawk Disco

    - Let go!
    - No!
    - Let go!!!
    - No!
    - Let go or I’ll punch you in the face!
    - I love you!

  9. anonymous

    Johan: “Hey Leo, remember the part of the our movie where you were doing blow out of a hooker’s asshole? That was me in a wig! Besties for Life!”

  10. Leo “If you win an oscar before me I will rip off your head and shit down your neck”
    Hill “do you want to practice?”

  11. I can’t wait to get fucked by you again

  12. Senor Trout

    “You and me is pals, ain’t we, Leo?’


  13. ‘Unkie Leo! Unkie Leo! I’m at an awards show too! Hahaha!’

  14. Is Jonah attempting a reach-a-round? I bet its taking all of his resolve to keep the other hand in his pocket.

  15. Leo: “You seem so familiar, kid. Do you work at CAA?”

  16. They go together like Mr. Rourke and Tattoo.

  17. buzz

    “Hey Leo! I totally saved that candle you stuck up your ass in The Wolf of Wall Street. It’s in my pocket right now.”

  18. lmao.

  19. Jentilly

    Gee whiz Mr. Dicaprio, you sure are swell!

  20. Swearin

    Leo thinks he’s posing with a Make-A-Wish kid

  21. One of these people cries after sex. Can you guess who?

  22. Regan MacNeil

    “What part of ” call me sir” are you not understanding?”

  23. “I wuv you, Weo…”

  24. leolover

    Leo is 6 feet tall

  25. Andie

    I thought it said clitoris awards.

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